Carrie Kelly

Carrie Kelley

Profile  Edit

Real Name: Caroline Keene KelleyEdit

Alias(es): Robin, Catgirl

First appearance: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #1

Creator(s): Frank Miller, Lynn Varley, Klaus Janson

Carrie Kelley was the Robin to the Batman of Earth-31, and eventually made an appearance in the new 52 as the late Damian Wayne's acting teacher. She wore a Robin costume similar to Dick Grayson's, but with goggles instead of a domino mask.

Biography (Earth 31)Edit

Carrie Kelly was once a normal 13 year old girl. One night, Carrie and her friend Michelle were attacked by members of the mutant gang and were rescued by the recently returned Batman.  Inspired, she spent her lunch money on a Robin costume and some goggles.   She  began to prowl the streets, taking down common street scum.  She did this to try and make contact with Batman. After she saved Batman's life, she was accepted as the next Robin. Carrie Kelly is quite different to the other Robins in many ways, She uses a slingshot loaded with firecrackers to fight crime and instead of a mask she wears goggles. 

Her parents are also alive but are unaware of her own existance since they smoke marijuana.

Batman threatened to fire her on numerous occasions for breaking rules orders disobeying orders, but due to her value, Batman agreed to let her stay. She was instrumental in bringing the mutants to the pipe to make them watch and stare as Batman beat and humilliated the Mutant Leader.  

After the Battle at the Pipe, she assisted Batman in his attempt to arrest the criminal Bruno and her two henchmen, former mutants Rob and Don.  The attempt went wrong when Carrie allowed Bruno to see her, nearly resulting in her death.  As she ran to meet up with her mentor after Bruno was defeated by Superman, The Man of Steel shot through the rooftop she was on and hurled himself into the sky.  This was Carrie's first encounter with Superman.  

After the attempt, she was barked at by Batman as they left the area to break in to the house of a man named Abner.  The reason for the visit was unclear; all Batman said was that he was"the only solid lead I have left".  Despite Abner not being home, Carrie entered his apartment anyway, ignoring her mentor's advice.  Inside she reeled away in disgust at the toy doll sitting on the floor.  The doll, named Mary, mocked her and, mere seconds after Batman pulled Carrie away, exploded, blowing up the building.  Robin was sent home.  

On the night that The Joker was set to make his appearance on The David Endochrine Show, Batman and Robin flew in The Batcopter towards the studio.  Onboard, Batman told her to sit up straight and not to touch the controls.  He also told her about the command "Boosters".  She ignored all of this, just muttering "Yes Sir".