Damian Wayne

Robin V

Damian Wayne is the genetically grown son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Originally, Damian first appeared in the story arc Batman and Son, but it was revealed that he had actually appeared in Son of the Demon.

Damian was killed by his cloned brother, The Heretic, in Batman Incorporated Volume 2 issue 8

Biography Edit

When Mr Toad and his two henchmen for hire, Niko and Lev, try to escape from the GCPD in downtown Gotham for an unknown reason, Dick Grayson, now known as Batman, and Damian, officially a Robin, take the new "Flying Batmobile" that Damian designed out for a spin to take Toad down.  They sent his getaway car crashing into the bay, then knocked out Toad when he climbed up on a jetty nearby.  His loot, most unusually was After helping Dick apprehend Toad, they returned to the Bat-Bunker under the Wayne Foundation.  While Dick left with Alfred to pay one last visit to the demolished Batcave, Damian began to tinker with the Batmobile.