Nightwing Regime


Name: Damian Wayne
 Alias(es): Robin, Nightwing 2
 First Appearance: Injustice: Gods Among Us (Batman: Son of The Demon)
 Creator: Grant Morrison, Andy Kubert, Mike W Barr.

Damian Wayne was a minor antagonist in the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us. In the digital comic prequel based to the game, he killed Dick Grayson, the original Nightwing. he abandoned by his father, Batman, and adopted by Superman. When he grew up, he took the name Nightwing for himself to spite Batman.

In the game, while fighting the parrallel universe's Green Arrow, was asked by the archer why he left his mentor, mistakenly believing him to be Grayson. Batman then told Green Arrow his opponent's true identity, and stated that "He killed Dick Grayson. He was my son". After a fight with his father, he was defeated and arrested for his crimes.

Damian Wayne Injustice Prequel

Damian Wayne in his Robin Costume, as he appeared in Chapter 10

Damian is sparring with Nightwing (Dick Grayson) in The Batcave. After being tripped by Nightwing, he throws one his escrimas at his ally's head, but the stick is caught by Superman, who has just appeared, preventing Damian from severely injuring Nightwing. Damian growls at Superman, saying can't do that. After Superman walks away from the two to speak with Batman in private, Damian thanks Superman for killing The Joker, saying "You made it a lot easier. Thanks." 

Later on the week, when Superman announces his plans to have the inmates of Arkham Asylum moved to a more secure location, Batman and Nightwing boarded the Batplane to try and stop the Justice League from taking away their enemies.  Damian dissaproves of this and stays behind the cave to secretly contact Superman.  

=Battle at Arkham Asylum= 


-This version of Damian's Robin costume is similar to the second Robin costume worn by Chris O'donnell when he played Dick Grayson in the film Batman Forever.  

-Damian shares a trait with his comic book counterpart.  In the story arc Batman and Son, he nearly kills then-Boy Wonder Tim Drake.  In the prequel comic, he accidently kills Dick Grayson in Arkham Asylum.